Kampagne Forschung für neue Antibiotika

Online petition for more antibiotics research – global research fund now!

More and more pathogens are becoming resistant and no longer susceptible to the antibiotics available on the market. According to estimates, several hundred thousand people die worldwide every year due to resistant pathogens.

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A possible alternative to pharmaceutical monopolies with high prices would be a global research fund. Such a fund would have to have as many countries as possible paying into it so that there would be enough money to develop new drugs. The global research fund would grant funding to promising research projects and also make sure that new antibiotics as well as other important medicines could be cheaply manufactured without patents and thus exclusive usage rights so then everybody could have access to these vital medicines.

Christian Wagner Ahlfs sA global research fund could crank up antibiotics research. Dr. Christian Wagner-Ahlfs works with BUKO Pharma-Kampagne, a German non-governmental organisation. His work focuses on research policy, neglected diseases and patent protection. He explains the idea of a research fund to us.
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