Kampagne Forschung für neue Antibiotika

Online petition for more antibiotics research – global research fund now!

More and more pathogens are becoming resistant and no longer susceptible to the antibiotics available on the market. According to estimates, several hundred thousand people die worldwide every year due to resistant pathogens. If no new antibiotics are developed, the number of deaths will increase significantly in the coming years. People in poorer countries are particularly at risk. This is why we urgently need more antibiotics.
Hardly any truly new drugs have been introduced to the market in almost 30 years. And the pharmaceuticals industry has little interest in researching new antibiotics.

Many ideas are being discussed for the development of the urgently needed new medicines. For example, the "pharma dialogue" between the German government and the pharmaceuticals industry suggests extending the patent protection for antibiotics.

But patents are not the solution – on the contrary

Patents lead to high prices and thus exclude many people from life-saving therapies.
The promotion of research requires measures that fulfil the following three criteria:
1. They have to deliver new drugs.
2. The antibiotics must be available and affordable worldwide.
3. The antibiotics must be used sensitively in order to delay resistance formation.

A global research fund for antibiotics is an effective weapon against antibiotic resistance.
Coordinated by the World Health Organization, it ensures that the new antibiotics can ‘be manufactured cheaply without patents and thus without exclusive usage rights. This means that’ everybody has access to these vital medicinal products. Only if a lot of countries pay into the fund will there be enough money to develop new drugs.

Our campaign: "Breaking the pharmaceutical monopolies – cranking up antibiotics research" demands financial and political support from German politicians for a global research fund. Sign the online petition to the Federal Minister for Education and Research, Ms. Wanka and the Federal Health Minister, Mr. Gröhe to encourage both ministers to work in favour of a research fund for antibiotics.